They`re trying to Islamize Virginia School Shootings

April 17, 2007

Unfortunately, I didn`t know about the Virginia Tech shootings until this morning because yesterday I was so busy to even update my news stories. Immediately after knowing about the shootings, I told myself they will try to come up with something in order to link the shooings with Islam.

Guess what? After browsing some links handling the shooting incident, I found that what I expected was true.

Someone called Debbie Schlussel said:

“Here’s what we know about the murderer of at least 32 students and maimer of at least 28 more at Virginia Tech, today: The murderer has been identified by law enforcement and media reports as ‘a young Asian male’. The Virginia Tech campus has a very large Muslim community, many of which are from Pakistan (per terrorism investigator Bill Warner). Pakis are considered ‘Asian’…. Why am I speculating that the ‘Asian’ gunman is a Pakistani Muslim? Because law enforcement and the media strangely won’t tell us more specifically who the gunman is. Why? Even if it does not turn out that the shooter is Muslim, this is a demonstration to Muslim jihadists all over that it is extremely easy to shoot and kill multiple American college students.”

So she is trying to promote the idea that the shooter was Muslim? I wonder how those guys think. Do they even have brains? Well, of course the shooter was one of the students at Virginia Tech and of course he is known by other four-year students who share the same classes with him. If he were Muslim, I think at least one of those students will say the truth. Another thing is that by looking at the photo of the shooter, it is not a photo of a Pakistani. Pakistanis do not look like that. Unfortunately Debbie`s eyes know no difference of how different races look like. It is so obvious that he is from the south-west Asian region. 

Another important thing should be known to everyone, governements cannot conceal everything because we still are humans who can differentiate between the lies and the truths. I don`t say that the U.S. government is revealing the whole truth about the incident because I know that that is not true. But what I know is that if the shooter were Muslim, the first source of that news will be the U.S. government itself which leads the alleged “War on Terror” not on terror but on Islam.

To witness the distorted viewpoints of that Debbie you can visit her site by clicking the following link:

UPDATE: (April 18, 2007)

This morning I wanted to post a comment on Debbie`s site, but guess what? Commenting was a right for everyone until yesterday because she actually enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval.

The message shown there says,” I’ll approve your comment when convenient; there is no need to re-post your comment.”

Translation: I will approve the comments that support my lies and erase the ones including the truth about me. There is no need to be honest.

Photos of ‘tortured’ Iraqi’s corpse released

April 17, 2007

London Telegraph
Tuesday April 17, 2007

Photographs showing the severe beating suffered by an Iraqi civilian who died in British custody were released today as the House of Lords begins a hearing into whether human rights law should apply to British forces abroad.

The pictures of 26-year-old Baha Mousa were unveiled by his lawyer and human rights group Liberty, who are calling for an “independent, effective investigation into the big systemic issues” raised by the case.Baha Mousa’s case is one of six test cases being examined by the Law Lords, along with five Iraqis who died at the hands of British soldiers in the streets of Basra.

Mr Mousa’s father Daoud Mousa could not get a visa to attend the hearing but said in a statement: “When I saw the corpse I burst into tears and I still cannot bear to think about what I saw.

“I was horrified to see that my son had been severely beaten and his body was literally covered in blood and bruises.”

Phil Shiner, of Public Interest Lawyers, showed pictures and medical evidence relating to Mr Mousa, who died in 2003, and other men beaten in custody. Photographs and records showed 93 injuries, including a fractured nose and four broken ribs, severe injuries to his wrists and a ligature around his neck.

Mr Shiner said: “We’re not just talking about nuanced degrading treatment. This is torture by any definition of that word.

“And we’re not just talking about torture, we’re talking about the banned techniques … such as hooding, sleep deprivation, stressing, food deprivation and white noise.”

A recent court martial cleared Cpl Donald Payne, of 2 Bn The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, of Mr Mousa’a manslaughter and convicted him only of inhumane treatment. Other officers and soldiers were cleared of all charges relating to the incident. Mr Shiner described the case as “a shambles, a farce and a travesty”.

The House of Lords hearing will examine whether the Human Rights Act applies in situations such as Mr Mousa’s or situations where people are killed during British patrols in Iraq. If so, the Law Lords will then rule on whether there has been a breach of the obligation to hold an independent effective inquiry into those cases.

Mr Shiner and Liberty are calling for an independent inquiry. “This is not about holding the military to higher standards than they should be subject to anywhere, it’s about accountability,” said Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti.

“This is about holding Government and the highest level of military to the highest accountability in a democracy.”

MP Diane Abbott, who was at today’s press conference in Westminster, central London, added: “MPs of all sides believe the best protection for our soldiers is the acknowledgement that we treat people according to the best human rights standards.”

Zionists and Virginia School Shootings

April 17, 2007

Under the titile of “Media Subterfuge and School Shootings: All of the media`s Lies are Connected” the following post was written.

Curt Maynard hits the nail right on the head this time around. It’s sad to say, but the first thought I had in hearing of this horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech, was that it would be manipulated and twisted by the alien Zionist media in order to promote gun control. This will be just one more opportunity for the liberals and Judeocentric extremists to push their dangerous-minded agenda, in an effort to disarm America. Perhaps I sound paranoid, but I believe the Jewish supremacist controllers of the United States will first confiscate all our weapons, then will silence us through ADL-drafted hate speech legislation. This will lead to gulag-style prison camps for political dissidents and enemies of neo-Judeo-Bolshevik rule. Eventually, in a nation full of muted and unarmed citizens, there will be outright executions awaiting those accused of “anti-Semitism.”-The WestBy Curt Maynard

Darn it, my wife is going to be angry with me again today. I’m suppose to mow the lawn and do some work on the house, but some crazy bastard went and murdered 32 people at Virginia Tech today and the media is already fixated on utilizing this story as another reason Americans should agree to reject the Second Amendment and voluntarily disarm ourselves. I won’t get into my feelings about these seemingly random school shootings we seen to hear about so often anymore or who or what motivates them other than to say I’m a bit skeptical that they are what the media presents them to be. Why am I skeptical? Facts behind the Columbine shootings have absolutely been covered up, there is no doubt, most of what we heard in the media about Columbine was skewed in such a way as to suggest that Klebold and Harris were neo-Nazis, when in fact the opposite was true, Klebold was Jewish and he and Harris believed themselves to be the persecuted victims of Nazi like thinking, i.e. they hated Christians and sought to [and did] single them out for murder. Their diaries clearly reveal this fact, but thanks to a judge named Lewis T. Babcock, you’ll never hear about this, because he just ruled a few days ago that facts behind the Columbine shootings will be sealed for twenty years, quite convenient timing given that this newest shooting followed his ruling by less than two weeks [and nearly on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting – within the same week in fact]. Trust me, I guarantee you that this latest shooting too will have many inconsistencies that the media will not tell you about. I can smell these things any longer. The Columbine shooting was NOT what it was portrayed to be by the media, there were more than 100 witnesses whose testimony called into question the “official story” of what happened that day in Littleton Colorado, but many of you aren’t aware of this because the media suppressed this information, something they can easily do, because there are no longer any networks, newspapers, or news magazines that are independent of Zionist control.

So on to the point of this article. We cannot trust the media to tell us the truth, which means that we cannot trust what the media will tell us about the latest shootings at Virginia Tech. The sad fact of the matter is, we cannot trust the media period. I don’t know about you, but it has come to the point for me, where if Fox News reported that the sun rises in the East, I’d go outside to confirm this for myself before I’d pass along this information to anyone else.

As of right now, we do not know who the shooter was or who may have killed him, or if he even intentionally shot himself. The reason I bring this up, is that the media has played fast and lose with important facts in the past so as to reinforce their primary agenda which is to convince Americans that they should voluntarily disarm themselves in the name of a better, safer society. Bernard Goldberg, a major league Zionist propagandist spilled the beans on this in his latest book “Arrogance”, which was essentially a worthless piece of pro-Israel propaganda with the exception of this single important story.

As described by a Rogers University website:

“Goldberg analyzed media coverage of a school shooting that occurred at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia. According to Goldberg, what made this story newsworthy is that the shooter in this event was subdued by several students who themselves used guns to ‘overpower’ the gunman. Conducting his own Lexis-Nexis search, Goldberg pronounced himself ‘stunned’ to discover that in a search of one hundred news sources, “only a few papers in the whole country reported the rescuers had guns” (p. 186). That many newspapers then used this case to editorialize their opposition to private ownership of handguns simply reaffirms Goldberg’s belief that a liberal media embraces a reflexive anti-gun bias.”

No doubt this is true, which is reinforced by the following excerpt from a CNN article entitled “Suspects in Law School slaying arraigned”, which overtly neglects to mention that those students that “tackled” the gunmen were themselves armed with firearms, which undoubtedly made their job much easier:

Students apparently tackled the gunman, said Ellen Qualls, press secretary for Virginia Gov. Mark Warner.”

Now I’ll bet anyone $100.00 today that you and I will never see, not even once, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or CBS, mention the fact that armed students disarmed a shooter at the Appalachian School of Law back in 2002 on [this is important] National Television. You will NOT hear about this story because it does not support the primary agenda the Zionist media which seeks to imbed into the forefront of our thinking, i.e. that its better to give up our guns and live in alleged safety than to insist that our Second Amendment rights to gun ownership be respected by our treasonous government. The reason for this is that the Zionist media and the traitors in our government fear us; they fear us because we are a heavily armed society and are becoming more and more aware of the stink emanating from Washington DC. Hell, if I were these people, I’d be afraid too.

The Zionist media also won’t tell you that Britain and Australian crime rates have skyrocketed since they willingly gave up their guns a few years ago, but nonetheless it’s true.

In an article I wrote some time ago entitled, “Don’t let go of your guns,” I emphasized how important it is not to fall for the medias lies, I wrote “now is not the time to even consider giving up guns – now is the time to buy them, in large numbers, in large calibers, for yourself, every member of your family, and your neighbors. I meant it when I wrote it and I mean it even more now.

As an aside, I’m watching Bush at this very moment on television as he attempts to convince Americans that he’s “shocked” by what took place at Virginia Tech today. The more enlightened reader might ask; how it is that a man who actively participated in the murder of some 3000 Americans on 9-11 could be “shocked” by the comparably insignificant number of 32? Fox News has done its best for the last few hours to convince us all that “Bush cares,” that he’s “horrified,” and “shocked,” they’re doing their best to rehabilitate this wicked man in the minds of Americans, but it won’t work the media’s time is nearly at hand. Lastly, I strongly encourage the reader to become immediately suspicious of any story they see or hear in the media that is prefaced with the word “shocked,” no matter who or where it is coming from, because this word has been so overused and abused, that it’s real purpose is now more than apparent, to manipulate and persuade.

At the very moment I’m posting this [April 16, 2007 @ 1519], Fox News is interviewing a student named Kelly that saw with her own eyes an Asian man being detained by police. After she said that, Neil Cavuto immediately interjected and stated that police are reporting that there was only one shooter and he was killed. So you see, the story is already unraveling.

PC Apostate

Source: News From The West

Video: Virginia Tech Shootings on Cell Phone

April 17, 2007

A cell phone captured gunfire at Virginia Tech University Monday morning.

To watch the video, visit the link below:

Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?

April 17, 2007

Early details about the horrific school shooting at Virginia Tech strongly indicate that these events represent a Columbine-style black-op that will be exploited in the coming days to push for mass gun control and further turning our schools into prisons.

Eyewitness Matt Kazee told the Alex Jones Show that it was a full two to three hours after the shootings began that loudspeakers installed around the campus were used to warn students to stay indoors and that a shooter was on the loose.

Quite how the killer was afforded so much time before any action was taken to stop him is baffling, especially considering the fact that the campus, according to Kazee, was crawling with police before the event happened due to numerous bomb threats that had been phoned in last week.

The shootings came three days after a bomb threat Friday forced the cancellation of classes in three buildings, WDBJ in Roanoke reported. Also, the 100,000-square-foot Torgersen Hall was evacuated April 2 after police received a written bomb threat, The Roanoke Times reported.

CNN quoted a student who was outraged at the delay in identifying and stopping the killer.

“What happened today this was ridiculous. And I don’t know what happened or what was going through this guy’s mind,” student Jason Piatt told CNN. “But I’m pretty outraged and I’ll say on the record I’m pretty outraged that someone died in a shooting in a dorm at 7 o’clock in the morning and the first e-mail about it — no mention of locking down campus, no mention of canceling classes — they just mention that they’re investigating a shooting two hours later at 9:22.”

He added: “That’s pretty ridiculous and meanwhile, while they’re sending out that e-mail, 22 more people got killed.”

The details that are beginning to emerge fill the criteria that this could very well be another government black-op that will be used as justification for more gun control and turing our schools into prisons, festooned with armed guards, surveillance cameras and biometric scanning to gain entry.

Ironic therefore it is that Virginia is a concealed carry state and yet Virginia Tech campus recently enforced a policy prohibiting “unauthorized possession, storage or control” of firearms on campus. According to gun rights activists such as Aaron Zelman of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms, VA Tech has “blood on its hands” for disarming the 21 victims who could potentially have defended themselves against the killer.

Initial reports suggested there were two shooters, but the story quickly changed to just one shooter who later killed himself (as happens in almost all these cases) or was shot by police.

Eyewitness accounts describe police hiding behind trees and failing to pursue the killer, while ordering the school to be placed on lockdown so nobody could escape the carnage as the killer picked off his targets with seemingly little interruption from the police.

At the moment, the official death toll is 21, but could rise, making this the deadliest school shooting in history.

If these figures are accurate, the casualty figures surpass those of the school shooting at Columbine in 1999 when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

It is well documented that disturbing questions remain over the incident at Columbine. It is clear that authorities had prior knowledge of what was going to happen. Observers were in the area hours before the shooting took place. Articles from the Associated Press stated that ballistics from Columbine show that six of the thirteen victims were possibly shot and killed by Jefferson County SWAT.

In addition, it was never properly explained how Klebold and Harris were able to transport over 100 bombs into the school before the shootings began.

In the aftermath of Columbine there were calls for vastly increased gun control laws, more than 15 state legislatures passed significant gun control bills or dropped NRA-supported bills.

In 1996 a similar incident occurred in Dunblane in Scotland where sixteen children and one adult were killed. The resulting inquiry recommended tighter control of handgun ownership, public feeling had turned against private gun ownership, allowing a much more restrictive ban on handguns to pass.

It then emerged that the killer Thomas Hamilton was heavily involved in Freemasonry, as well as running clubs for young boys, a fact which Labour and Tory ministers acknowledged in correspondence to each other. A a 100-year public secrecy order was placed on the documents, along with the majority of other information relating to the case including the police report. There have been allegations that the lengthy closure order was placed on the report after it linked Hamilton to figures in the Scottish establishment, including two senior politicians and a lawyer.

In both the Dunblane and Columbine cases the shooters turned the guns on themselves after the killing spree was over.

Source: Prison Planet.


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